Abrites Ltd. is an innovative company for proprietary automotive software and hardware. Our experience in the aftermarket industry spans over 16 years.

The Abrites ecosystem of hardware and software products allows performing an unrivalled variety of procedures, such as key programming, module adaptation, ECU programming, mileage calibration, fast coding.

Thus, the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface provides unmatched opportunities for automotive professionals all over the world. The AVDI is the basis on which all Abrites products thrive. It is the ultimate tool for standard and advanced vehicle diagnostics, covering all major automotive brands globally.

• 16 years of experience in the development of software and hardware for motor vehicles
• 40+ countries on all continents, part of our global distribution network
• 110 professionals in the field of software development and complete product solutions


2005 - Founding of Abrites
2009 - Release of the latest generation AVDI Interface
2013 - Opening of ABRITES HQ
2014 - Opening of office in Abrites France
2015 - Closed the production cycle of hardware products
2019 - Opening of office in Abrites Italy
2022 - Release of MODI

Headquarters, Sofia, Bulgaria
Office France, Paris, France
Office Italy, Chioggia
PCB assembly plant, Sofia, Bulgaria


Our mission is to create solutions that enable people, vehicles and technology to keep moving on.
Our vision
We are a product leader that overcomes technological barriers and creates innovative solutions by achieving the impossible.

We create and offer better solutions before everyone else by proactively monitoring the latest innovations and development trends, and implementing workable solutions based on the goals we set. We always strive to achieve the impossible, realizing our responsibility and contribution to success as a team.

Creativity and Innovations
We accept challenges as opportunities and go beyond existing limitations by experimenting and implementing bold ideas, created by our ever-learning and developing team. New directions and approaches to daily work are our keys to finding innovative workable solutions exceeding all e expectations.

Agility/Flexibility and Speed
We adopt new ideas and work flexibly and confidently for our shared success. Our team communicates openly and tolerantly amongst each other to find and implement solutions better than anything in the field. We work smart, not hard, because we value our freedom of creation and decision-making.

Winning Team
We support positivity and open discussion, working together towards achieving the impossible as a well-oiled machine in every step of the business process. Our individual and common contribution to development and success is clear to the whole team, making it easy to set and achieve demanding goals.

Customer Success/Focus on the Client
We are familiar with our clients’ real needs, since our products are not only innovative, but designed to solve problems. Our team earns trust and loyalty by providing individual approach, expert support and high quality service, which we continuously seek to improve. We observe high ethical standards in customer relations and always put clients first.

Abrites is a high-functioning living, breathing organism.
It is all of us: our clients, our partners, our services, our many departments, forming the company team. We know that constant learning and knowledge exchange is the true path to success, so we make sure to provide information on many  different levels inside and outside of our business structure.
One of our most important principles is to provide expert help and assistance to our partners and customers from the very first encounter with our product ecosystem.

We help you choose suitable solutions for your work through our expert Sales team.

We stand by your side whenever you need assistance while working with our solutions.
We provide you with support throughout the process of getting used to our tools.
We coordinate with our partner network to present you an optimal user experi-ence wherever you are.

The Abrites Team is based in several locations but all departments thrive as one regardless of location.    

Where our programmers generate ideas for new products.

Where technology and expertise turn concept projects into product prototypes.

Where new hardware is extensively tested before entering mass production.

Where software solutions are built and tailored for each specific interface.

Where customer service is being attentively carried out and our network of partners is built and developed.

Where our technical support experts facilitate the everyday work of our clients and partners using the Abrites solutions, by providing top level assistance every step of the way.

Abrites is the leading company in the world of aftermarket diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry.
We are well-known for:

• Key programming
• Module adaptation
• ECU programming
• Coding and flashing