Quadrifoglio Parts Distribuzioni was born from the family experience, which began in the distant 1880s.
Now the company's legacy is continued by Italia Buccino, CEO, who is a descendant of the entrepreneur family, which started with a hardware store in Piazza Merchato in Naples.

Quadrifoglio Parts Distribuzioni deals with wholesale distribution:
• keys
• car radio controls
• programmers in obd
• cloners
• cutting machines
• cutters and probes
• booster
• current stabilizers
• welding items
• car locks
• micro components
• and much more, always from the most prestigious brands in the world on the market.

If you are a key center, a locksmith, an auto electrician, a mechanic, a spare part dealer or you simply have a compatible business and want to integrate this service, Quadrifoglio Parts Distribuzioni will teach you how to duplicate and program car keys.

They offer more than two thousand products including remote controls, car keys, covers, transponders and instruments.