The goal of FG Technology is to offer customers a functional and proven product, and thanks to the experience accumulated in over 30
years the brand is a guarantee of quality.
The FG Technology team is always looking for new innovative solutions to the challenges that arise every day, driven by the common passion for tuning and engines.
The company covers an area of 2000 square meters, including bodywork and garage. They are also an authorized Volkswagen service center and Bosch car service center.


FG Technology was founded in 1983 by the Galletto brothers. In 1984 they began to modify the eprom of racing cars and to develop the
first graphic remapping programs, thanks to the technical training acquired at Bosch Motorsport and Marelli Corse.

The continuous working relationships in the sports field with Italian, German and English electronic engineers allowed them in 1986 to develop a DOS remapping software to offer to the tuners in graphic mode, called Galmao.

In 1989 FG created Emur6 and subsequently Emur7, static eprom emulators.
In 1992, in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana, FG developed the first real-time emulator of eprom. A couple of years later they created a real-time emulator called MultiRom.
In 1995 they developed mappings for turbo racing cars equipped with the A.L.S. (Anti Lag System or 'Bang Bang').
In this period there are countless titles and championships won in CIVT in RALLY with our engines and mappings.
In 1996 they began the production of the first tools for chiptuning. In the meantime, FG started to modify turbo diesel engines, road and
competition ones.
In 1999 this experience earned them the victory at the 24 hour Nurburgring in the diesel category with BMW 320 tds and the victory of the MC euro diesel championship.
In 2000 with the victory of 7 races out of 10 they won the Euro diesel TMC championship with BMW 330 tds.
In the same year, FG Technology expands the company by doubling the surface area of its headquarters, creating a new and large laboratory for the development of sports car electronics.

In 2004 FG Technology won Pikes Peak with Ford Escort Cosworth, and in the same period they developed EOD, the ancestor of their current instrument.
The remarkable success of the EOBD pushes the company to dedicate itself exclusively to the world of chiptuning.

In 2008 they launched EOBD2, their current tool, which in time has undergone 3 hardware updates and 70 software updates.
In 2019 Bench Plust has been released to read and write Bosch EdC/Med17 and MD1/MG1 ECUs on the table via pinout.



FG Technology EOBD2 is an innovative ECU and automatic gearbox programmer, developed for chiptuning professionals and for those who want to get closer to this world.
Their tool is the only one capable of reading and writing via OBD port (diagnosis socket), on the bench, in boot mode and in BDM/TAG all in one device.
EOBD2 can be connected to cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors and boats. The software is available in 10 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portughese, Czech, Romanian and Turkish.
EOBD2 can be purchased or updated exclusively in their laboratory.